The Leela Show Halloween Treats and Food Ideas

Hello Folks! I miss celebrating Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, (Kalag-Kalag in Bisaya) in the Philippines. My parents and I went to cemetery and brought flowers and candles to our beloved loved ones who rest in peace. Will attend mass and offer prayers for all our relatives who departed in life. That’s our practice in our family tradition every year.

We prepare also filipino delicacies like biko (sticky rice) and binignit. We traveled to celebrate Halloween in the province for family reunions and get together with our relatives.

The Leela Show Halloween Treat

TheLeelaShow will be giving $20, one winner, open internationally, send to paypal e gift card or Remitly Ph. For those who wants to join please read the Mechanics below:

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* Comment below #jointheleelashowhalloweentreat and tell me your favorite filipino halloween delicacies.

Raffle Draw will be announce at Theleelashow Fb page on November 1, 2018.

My favorite filipino snack delicacy

Biko is a filipino rice cake made of sticky rice.

This is our simple biko recipe

Cooking in the province using wood and stone to balance the pan.

Boiling fresh coconut milk, from our coconut tree with brown sugar. This is how we cook our biko.


Sticky rice


Brown sugar

Fresh coconut milk


1. Cook first the sticky rice with water.

2. Boil the coconut milk and add the brown sugar. Mix together and stir constantly.

3. Wait till the coconut milk and sugar mixture will get thick and sticky add the sticky rice. Combine it together. Until the water evaporates and slow cook.

3. Ready to serve on your plate.

Yummy and Delicious Biko!

Happy Halloween Show!!!

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Hello Folks! Welcome to my Blog, I am Leela, from the Philippines, now residing in the United States. I live in a Motor Home for two years. This blog is all about My Mobile life in America.

25 thoughts on “The Leela Show Halloween Treats and Food Ideas

  1. aside from sticky rice and other traditional types of puto (steamed rice) and cassava cake during all souls day celebrate are usually found to be on the table for a visit to a loved one who lives on another world. Though this as common in urban areas as it is in provinces practices of all saints/souls day celebration.

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  2. #theleelashowhalloweentreat
    The most i like for halloween treat is (binignit) Typically made with glutinous rice balls, tubers, tropical fruits and coconut milk, this creamy concoction is enjoyed either as a merienda (snack) or as a minatamis (dessert). It is also called binignit or alfajor in other regions of the country.

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  3. #jointheleelashowhalloweentreat

    My every favorite Filipino food delicasy that is being prepared during “Kalag-Kalag” is the biko made by my lola.

    Happy Halloween 🎃

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  4. #jointheleelashowhalloweentreat

    My ultime favorite delicacy food that is very famous in our province that i always wanted is “nilambiran nga budbud” it’s a twist of pilit and tapol. Other term for us sa dagko nga gibud-bud is what we called “magsaysay” same sa budbud nga gagmay but a bigger version super yummy esp. With matching hot chocolate😋 . The best thing about our hot chocolate is ikaw pay nagtusop sa cacao nga gipupu sa punuan ,gibuwad ug gigaling..super yummy😊


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