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Leela The Explorer
Filipina in America

My 2nd time in Jollibee, first in San Jose, California and now in New Jersey, Yehey!!

I started traveling with my husband in our Motor home on November 2017 from Santa Cruz, California to New York City I found out that Jollibee in New York City will be open soon. And I tried to find in New Jersey, And the moment of truth I really miss Jollibee. And finally here is my lucky day! 

Jollibee is located 393 Danforth Ave, Jersey City NJ 07305, it’s a busy day due
to summer break, i saw many Filipino customers and few black people.

I ordered 2 spicy chickenjoy, spaghetti, peach mango pie and fries. The same taste as in the Philippines, for the food i ate except the spaghetti. The sauce it’s not as yummy as in the Phils.

I met Rene one of the Crew, he work there since Jollibee opened. As i checked in the counter all the crew are Filipino, And of course, we had spoken our national language which is Tagalog or Filipino. I’m so happy meeting my Kababayans!


Island in Geogia
Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, in Glynn County. It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands.

On May 31, 2018, I visited a Historic Hotel of America, discover the Jekyll Club Resort, and Great
Dunes Beach Park, from the heart of the island.

Sharing my compilations of adventure from Jekyll Island is one of the most popular islands for Golden Isles visitors, hosting a wide variety of family-friendly environment.

I highly recommend this place especially now its Summer time in the USA, Come and Experience
the warmth of the sun of Georgia’s coastline.


I am from the Philippines
I came to the USA on K1- Fiance Visa
What is K1 Fiancé Visa?
According to USCIS,

A K1- visa Allows a United States citizen to bring a fiancé or fiancée to the United States for the purpose of marriage

Before filing for a fiancé visa, a couple must typically have seen each other in person within the previous two years.

The foreign partner applying for the fiancé visa must marry their U.S. citizen partner within 90 days of entry, or depart the United States.

I arrived in the U.S on December 19, 2016 and got married on February 2017, I processed to Register for Permanent Residence on March 2017.

The schedule for my interview was on August 4, 2017

My application was approved on that day. I received my Green Card on August 9, 2017.

Yes We can Do It!

These are the following requirements needed for Application for Green Card..


I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence
Application Filling Fee: $1140 + 85 = 1,225
Biometrics Fee (required for applicants ages 14 to 78) $85.00

I-864: Affidavit of Support

I-693: Report of Medical Examination and Vaccine Record (Medical

exam must be administered by an authorized civil surgeon. Find a civil surgeon at

G-325A: Biographic Information (submit one for petitioner and one for beneficiary- 2 total)

I-131 (Optional) Application for Travel Document (No filing fee required)

I-765 (Optional) Application for Employment Authorization (No filling fee required)


All forms need to be submitted together in one envelope.

Fees are payable by check or money order to:
U.S Department of Homeland Security

Payment in the amount of $1,225
payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Filing fee + Biometrics Fee




PO Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

BY: Express mail or commercial courier deliveries:


Attn: FBAS
131 South Dearborn – 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60603-5517

I’m making this blog to help others that we can do it on our own.

Report of Marriage of A Filipino Abroad

Report of Marriage of A Filipino Abroad

* The application submitted personally at the Consulate

* Application submitted through mail or courier


⦁ Report Of Marriage 4 pcs Original with Acknowledgment Notarized
⦁ Marriage Certificate 1 original and 4 photocopies
⦁ Passport Copy of (Filipina Spouse) 4 photocopies
⦁ Passport Copy of (US Citizen Spouse) 4 photocopies
⦁ Birth Certificate Copy of (Filipina Spouse) 1 original and 4 photocopies
⦁ Birth Certificate Copy of (US Citizen Spouse) 4 photocopies

The Philippine Consulate General will convey the Report of Marriage and annexed documents to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) of the Philippines. It takes at least six months to about one year for the ensuring Philippine Certificate of Marriage to be available for ordering from the PSA in the Philippines.